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At present, the internet is filled with so many numbers of apps. But when come to message none of the application can beat WhatsApp. Obviously it is the right app that means a lot to message text, share photos and videos, put statues and many more. It is implemented with so many features and that will make you to effortlessly do chat with your people with no doubt. It is the best app certainly. Also, it offers so many features most of the users are getting frustrated by means of the limitations made by this superlative app. If you are one among those users then for you alone GB WhatsApp 2019 is available for you. It is available with several numbers of features, especially it overcomes all the restrictions that you face on WhatsApp. So you all set to make use of this app on your device.

About GB WhatsApp: GB WhatsApp is the clone app of WhatsApp. It is considered as the highlighted mod version of WhatsApp. It looks like WhatsApp but the features available in this app is really great than the original version. That is why it stands out from it. You are allowed to chat, share videos, do voice and video call for free of cost. You can easily able to download and install it on your handset. The actual name of GB WhatsApp is MOD of WhatsApp. You know you are allowed to use two numbers of accounts at the same time. All these features are accessible only when you make use of GB WhatsApp 2020 on your device.

What are the versions available on GB WhatsApp?

The versions of GB WhatsApp have been outlined here. Check it out,

GB WhatsApp 2.18.327
GB WhatsApp 2.18.327
GB WhatsApp 2.18.203
GB WhatsApp 2.19.69
GB WhatsApp 2.19. 53
GB WhatsApp 2.19.17
GB WhatsApp 2.18.122
GB WhatsApp 2.18.46
GB WhatsApp 2.17.351
GB WhatsApp 2.17.296
What are the pros of using GB WhatsApp? You can find several numbers of features in this app. Here are the features that explain to you what GB WhatsApp 2019 is,

Dual WhatsApp: Most of the WhatsApp users are looking for several accounts. Nevertheless, it is unfair to get in normal WhatsApp. That is what the main feature you want to notice in this app. It will allow you to use multiple numbers of accounts. Of course you will able to make use of this app along with normal WhatsApp. So you can chat and share media files with your friends by means of the multiple numbers of accounts easily.

Privacy feature: Privacy is an important feature that is available in this application. In this app you can witness an additional privacy option. At present safeguarding privacy become a tough task for all the users. By considering it alone this app is available with the privacy aspect. In this app you are allowed to easily hide last seen, blue tick, second tick, online status, typing status and so on. Everyone has some contacts that you never want to show your status, last seen and another right? That is why this is considered as the best app. In case you accidentally had seen anyone’s status then that can also easily able to hide with no doubt.

Schedule message: One of the important and main features of GB WhatsApp 2019 mod is that you can easily able to schedule message. It will allow you to easily set time to send any message. It can be any type of message if you want to wish you friend on his/her birthday but you feel tired means then you can schedule message. That is all the message will be sent to that particular message with no doubt on scheduled time.

Automatic reply: It is the main feature that will help you a lot in this mod app. It will send an automatic reply to your friends and others once after you get a message. You will be enabled to send message to all your contacts. All you want to be just saving custom message and it will reply when you receive a message from them.

Sending large files: When you have this app on your device then it is not even a matter to send large memory spaced file. In fact, the video content with the size of 50 MB can be easily able to send with no doubt. At the same time you will be allowed to use this app in any of the languages. Why because it supports multiple languages so you can choose anything.

How to download and install GB WhatsApp?

In order to download and mount GB WhatsApp on your device, you are required to follow the points given below,

First and foremost you are required to download GB WhatsApp on your device

Later you need to install it and once after it installed you should not open it

After that, you ought to click and open WhatsApp on your phone

In that search for Menu option and then knock on Settings

Tap over Chats and then Chat Backup

Now you need to click on BACK Up option after that you can witness the chat get backup

Later go and open GB WhatsApp once after you open it

You will get a notification Agree and Continue you need to click on it

Then tap on Copy WhatsApp data button

Here you need to enter the phone number and click on Verify it

The moment numbers get verified you need to tap on Restore button

The beneath points are means a lot to set up and use this app. You are required to follow the steps as such in order to get GB WhatsApp 2019. If you want to download this app easily then you can search for it in 9Apps store. Here you will surely find this app for sure.


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