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Get Comparison Between 9apps Vs Google Play Store

An android phone usually comes with the Google Play Store for downloading and updating the app on the device. There also a few other apps available on the marketplace which users can try. 9apps is one among them. It is one of the best app stores for Android devices. It offers various apps and games with unique features. One can download unlimited apps from this platform. Its downloading and installing process is so simple. Overall we can say that it the best alternative to Google Play Store. In this article, we have given a comparison of 9apps vs Play store. So get more facts about this two app store.

9apps Vs Google Play store

According to the research, most of the people are download many apps on their device for a specific purpose. To download you can use either play store or 9apps. Most of the Android users were confused about where to get apps and games for their device. So we have compared two great app stores along with its features.

  • Google play store

All of us know more details about the Google play store. Nowadays the smartphone comes with a pre-installed play store for user convenience. It will give fun and gaming experience to users. A huge number of Android apps is available in this store. So you can find the app you need and download it on your device. This app will suit user needs at all circumstances. This is the best part of this store. One of the main disadvantages of the play store is you cannot find out every app you need on Google play store due to its strict policies.

  • 9apps

In recent days, 9apps has gained more reputation among users all around the world due to its features. It is said to be a great alternative to Google Play Store. This app store will satisfy everyone’s needs and requirements. It comes with a lot of apps and games with unique features. The apps in it are listed under different categories which makes it very easier for users to find out their apps. This means you can search your app by name or categories. In addition to that one can download apps completely at free of charge. So you can enjoy the free app experience. No premium apps are available on this store. This app store comes with a lot of key features for the user’s benefits such as small size, unlimited downloads, custom content, simple & easy to use, free download and many others.


Both the app store comes with unique features for users. Also, have their own advantage and disadvantage. When compared to the Google Play Store, 9apps have unlimited apps and games free. In addition to that, it also loaded with a lot of key features. It will definitely satisfy the needs of users at any time. So it better to pick 9apps to download apps and games on your device for various reasons. To get this app, download, and setup 9apps apk file separately on your handset.

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